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Jedi Lore

The Jedi:
Jedi candidates are detected, identified and taken into the order as infants. One method of detection is through blood sampling -- those with great
Force potential often have high midi-chlorian counts in their bloodstream. A prospective Jedi begins training in infancy. All connection to previous
family life is lost. In this early stage of training, a single master instructs groups of Jedi hopefuls.

As the Jedi mature, the apprentice is paired with a master to continue the next phase of the training. According to the Jedi Code, a Jedi Master may
only have one Padawan at a time. Near the end of the Padawan's training, she must undergo trials before ascending to the rank of Knight.

The next level of rank in the Jedi order is the Jedi Master, reserved for those who have shown exceptional devotion and skill in the Force. It is from
the ranks of the Jedi Masters that the High Council is chosen, which is the main interface between the Jedi and the government of the Republic.


Jedi Holocron
Taken from the Star Wars Encyclopedia by Stephen J. Sansweet
A repository of Jedi knowledge and teaching, these legendary artifacts are palm-sized glowing cubes of crystal that employ primitive hologramic
technology along with the Force to provide an interactive learning device. Mysterious designs are etched into the Jedi Holocrons, hinting at their
true age. A Holocron can usually be activated only by a Jedi, who can then seem to have a conversation with the long-dead Jedi, whose teachings
infuse the particular Holocron.


Jedi Powers
This is some of the powers a jedi or sith may learn. There are far too many to name on one place but this list will give you the general idea.
No one Jedi has all these abilities. Red reflects powers that generally rely on the Dark Side. Green reflects powers only usuable by Lightside


Absorb/Dissipate Energy 
Accelerate Healing 
Control Disease 
Control Pain 
Detoxify Poison 
Enhance Attribute 
Force of Will 
Hibernation Trance 
Instinctive Astrogation, Control 
Reduce Injury 
Remain Conscious 
Remove Fatigue 
Resist Stun 
Short-Term Memory Enhancement 



Control And Sense

Life Bond 
Lightsaber Combat 
Projective Telepathy 

Control And Alter

Accelerate Another's Healing 
Control Another's Disease 
Control Another's Pain 
Control Breathing 
Detoxify Poison in Another 
Feed on Dark Side 
Force Lightning 
Inflict Pain 
Place Another in Hibernation Trance 
Remove Another's Fatigue 
Return Another to Consciousness 
Transfer Force 

Sense And Alter

Dim Other's Senses 
Lesser Force Shield 


Beast Languages 
Combat Sense 
Danger Sense 
Instinctive Astrogation, Sense 
Life Detection 
Life Sense 
Life Web 
Magnify Senses 
Predict Natural Disaster 
Receptive Telepathy 
Sense Force 
Sense Force Potential 
Sense Path 
Shift Sense 
Weather Sense 

Control, Sense And Alter

Affect Mind 
Battle Meditation 
Control Mind 
Create Force Storms 
Drain Life Essence 
Enhanced Coordination 
Force Harmony 
Projected Fighting 
Telekinetic Kill 
Transfer Life 


Bolt of Hatred 
Darkside Web 

Aura of Uneasiness 
Electronic Manipulation 
Waves of Darkness 

Force Wind 

Drain Life Energy 
Memory Wipe 


The 13th Passage of the Niram Codex
translation by Abelard Kresh

Concerning Darth Bane and the Return of the Sith Lord

"A thousand years ago, during the great travail of the Sith war,
the great Dark Lord who calleth himself Bane was hunted down by the Jedi.
"Bane's mind dwelt ever-long on the lore of Exar Kun,
that father of Sith darkness,
and behold, Bane chose his escape by this same cursed Sith.

"For Bane escaped in the same way as Exar Kun,
whose spirit rested for a thousand upon a thousand days in the great temple of Yavin 4.

"And lo, just as Kun's sacrifice was terrible to behold,
Bane's slaughter was also terrible.
And lo, as Kun had before him,
Bane's spirit dwelt in the stones of the great temple.

(We're not sure which temple Bane used, it could be the same one, but probably wasn't. ~~ed.)

"Behold, Bane's spirit awaited.

"Lo, one will come riding a blue horse. (holovid, anyone? ~~ed.)
His name shall be pronounced by the powerful.
His face shall be ruddy with ambition,
and behold, he sacrificeth his own humanity
"He shall reign for a day, and a year of days, and a decade of years.
He shall rule all that is, and will attempt to rule all that will be.

"For he hath visited the great Sith temple,
and Bane hath used the Force to possess the body politic.

"Therefore beware, for there shall be a great tyranny,
such that mankind hath never before felt,
and they shall all cry out in travail.

"So sayeth the gods of Niram."

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